Anti-white discrimination in President Obama’s appointments

Likely DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson

This week President Obama announced his pick to head the Department of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson. In addition to being the chief legal proponent of international drone assassinations, long-time Democrat advocate Mr. Johnson argued the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, one of the most significant steps in the progressive subversion of our military men and women through pro-homosexual indoctrination. Mr. Johnson is, like Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama, of largely African heritage.

If it seems like a disproportionate number of President Obama’s appointees are minorities, that’s because it is indeed disproportionate. For example, of his currently 162 federal judiciary appointees, 37% identify as other than non-Hispanic white. The 63% non-Hispanic white conspicuously matches the 2010 census, but that ratio is misleading as to prospective candidacy for the following reasons.

Firstly, due to liberal immigration policies which have more than tripled the United States’ Hispanic population and the diminished white birthrate strongly correlated with secular, progressive anti-white indoctrination, the racial demographics of the United States are such that the younger the generation, the higher the percentage of minorities:

Credit: WIlliam H. Frey

Thus, the actual appointees, who are almost all over 49 and many over 64, would be demographically represented with a considerably higher than 63% non-Hispanic white ratio.

Secondly, President Obama is picking these appointees from the pool of legal professionals. According to the American Bar Association, 88% of all lawyers are non-Hispanic whites. In 1990 this number was 93%, which, given the clear and reasonable preference for older lawyers, would suggest that more than 88% of the appointees would probably be non-Hispanic whites if taken from a color-blind sampling of lawyers. So, when only 4.8% of lawyers are black, yet 17% of President Obama’s appointees are black, what is the reason for this more than 3x over-representation?

Is Jeh Johnson really the most qualified for the job? Was Eric Holder the most qualified to become Attorney General? This is not an abstract question. The competencies of many of President Obama’s minority picks have been questioned by even those on the Left. Yet, in a politically correct world where affirmative action and hate crime laws have become accepted by most people despite their very evident anti-white bias, are we all shamed into silence over the apparent racial bigotry in President Obama’s appointments?

How would most Americans feel if, had Mitt Romney been elected, he proceeded to appoint a large number of Mormons, including the highest judicial posts in our country? Perhaps that is not a fair question. For, while American blacks on average perform poorly on the LSAT, with less than 3% scoring over 159 (i.e. top 20th percentile), the median LSAT in BYU’s 2008 entering class was 164. The truth is that the selection of Mr. Johnson continues the unchecked anti-white discrimination in President Obama’s appointments.


2 comments on “Anti-white discrimination in President Obama’s appointments

  1. cristo says:

    So Obama hates white people? He wrote that in his book.

    • saycan says:

      Dreams from My Father? The new Marxism depends not only on agitating minorities against white Europeans and Americans, but also on getting these white folk to hate themselves. The schools, media, and social activists are openly pushing anti-American viewpoints that denigrate and profane every accomplishment, every dignity, and every identity of white Christians. It is straight out of the Communist Party’s playbook.

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