What is this about?

This blog is a place to write about things that are (1) important to consider, share, and debate and (2) potentially imprudent to state publicly at this time.

I will try to be as absolutely honest as possible while strictly preserving my anonymity. I believe and hope that every opinion and viewpoint I’ll express ought to be welcome in public American discourse. However, given the vicious character assassination of folks by the SPLC et al, the increasing designation of American patriots as “terrorists”, and the irrational hostility with which anti-Communist views are heard by those preaching “tolerance” and “civil liberties”, it seems decidedly unwise to involve my “real” life at this time.

This I can assure you and any reader: I will not advocate anything illegal nor permit any comments wishing violence or illegal activities. Not only do I believe it is appropriate to uphold our judicial system and laws even when flawed, but I believe the true battle is for the cultural soul of Americans and Europeans. As the estimable Patrick Buchanan wrote in Death of the West, the decline of the Western culture has not come from violent physical revolution, but from a decaying cultural revolution that has eroded traditional values. I intend to do my small part in this battle on behalf of traditional values in this blog by seeking and sharing truth, education, and wisdom.

I stand for traditional values. I stand for American values. I stand for the values of my White, European cultural heritage. And, I stand with pride. I invite you to do the same.


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